Guest Talk and Book Presentation   and           Memory Book Workshop   

Valentine Hearts from Škabrnja

Valentine Hearts from Škabrnja

Guest Talk and Book Presentation                       Jadranka Klepac "Spomenar"                       Saturday, February 18      at 3pm                               Followed by Memory Book Workshop      until 5pm                                RSVP

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"Tužni bogataš" ("The Sad Rich Man") Croatian TV mini series directed by Davor Žmegač available to students in "Croatian for Travelers" class

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February Vacation Mini Camp

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Valentine Hearts from Škabrnja

Our friends from Vladimir Nazor Elementary School made these for us!

GUEST TALK AND BOOK PRESENTATION                                                                            Jadranka Klepac                                                                                                       "Spomenar"                                                                                          Saturday, February 18 at 3pm                                                                                            Followed by                                                                                          MEMORY BOOK WORKSHOP                                                                                           Until 5pm                                                                                   RSVP

It is our great pleasure to invite you to the guest talk by Croatian children’s writer Jadranka Klepac on Saturday, February 18 at 3pm. The author will present her new Spomenar (Memory Book.) This beautiful story comes with the message that “’understanding and tolerance always accomplish more than envy and resentment, because school days should bring back memories of good times, friendship and helping each other.” The book of memories that the children make for a student who moves to another town is the “best message to readers to forget petty mischiefs, and follow only beautiful and noble sentiments.*’” 


Mrs. Klepac is the author of two collections of stories and three children’s novels. Her short stories, published in children’s magazines “Modra lasta” and “Smib” were collected in Patuljci žive u kuglama (Dwarfs Live in Spheres) in 2000. Her first novel, Miris knjige (The Scent of a Book) has been included in obligatory reading list for 7th graders in Croatian elementary schools. Her second novel Kora od jabuke (Apple Peel) received the “Mato Lovrak” award for the best children novel written in 2008.


Croatian School of Boston had the pleasure of having Mrs. Klepac as a guest in 2008. Courtesy of the author, our school library already holds copies of her books. The publisher Naklada Ljevak for that visit also kindly donated books Patuljci žive u kuglama, Miris knjige i Kora od jabuke. For the upcoming visit, the publisher has graciously donated a copy of Spomenaras well as copies of new editions of Patuljci žive u kuglama and Kora od jabuke


Expanding on the topic of spomenar, we will talk about this aspect of the tradition of spontaneous culture of children and youth in Croatia. The word spomenar refers to a “book of memories” made by children for each other with (autographed) written and drawn wishes and messages, and exchanged in a “Valentine’s Day spirit.” We will reflect on two books by Mirjana Duran, Praznovjerice za razonodu (Superstitious Activities for Leisure) and Spomenari i dnevnici (Memory Books and Diaries). Approaching this topic from a scientific perspective, Mirjana Duran collects an impressive number of vintage and modern examples of wishes and messages found in these spomenars. The publisher Naklada Slap has graciously donated a copy of each of these two books to Croatian School of Boston.


The workshop following the guest talk will aim to revive the tradition of “writing in a spomenar.” Every child participating in the workshop will take home a spomenar. We will also make one for our friends from Vladimir Nazor Elementary School in Škabrnja.


This event is free and open to all members of the Croatian community.


Please RSVP to info@croatianschoolofboston. org so that we can prepare enough supplies.


We look forward to seeing you!
Croatian School of Boston

*Quote from the book review by Dubravka Težak


"Tužni bogataš" ("The Sad Rich Man") Croatian TV mini series directed by Davor Žmegač available to students in "Croatian for Travelers" class

Courtesy of director Davor Žmegač, the students in the “Croatian for Travelers” class are treated to a special encounter with the spoken and written Croatian in an interesting contemporary context.


Mr. Žmegač’s murder mystery TV mini series Tužni bogataš (The Sad Rich Man), made for Croatian Radiotelevision, is based on the same-name novel by Pavao Pavličić. This suspenseful story about a passion-fueled crime is set against the ties of organized crime and politics, transitional wheelings and dealings, and tabloid journalism.


The four episodes follow editor-turned-detective Remetin on his quest to solve the crime in the Zagreb neighborhood of Trešnjevka.


An invaluable tool for foreign viewers comes in the form of the original script, co-written by director Žmegač, which is made available to the students in the “Croatian for Travelers” class. Many thanks!

February Vacation Mini Camp

We are happy to offer a mini February vacation camp from Wednesday, February 22, to Friday, February 24 from 9am-1pm at the Croatian School of Boston.


The program is offered for children from 5-12 years of age, and will be run by Biserka Ralic and Irena Stanic Rasin. The children will learn about Croatian folktales, while putting together a puppet show using hand-made puppets which we will make for this purpose. We will be playing indoor and (weather-permitting) outdoor games, and do other fun activities inspired by the Croatian cultural heritage.


The cost per day is $40 per child. A healthy snack is included. Children need to bring lunch from home.


High school students can earn their community service hours by volunteering as camp counselors.


The camp is open to all members of the Croatian community, including families whose children are currently not enrolled in the Croatian School of Boston.


If you are interested, please email us at



Information about competitions organized by Vržica Elementary School and Vrgorac Elementary School in Croatia

Handmade Christmas cards sent by students from the branch of Vladimir Nazor Elementary School in Prkos, Škabrnja Municipality

The new bilingual multicultural calendars illustrated by students are here! Happy holidays!

Postcards from our friends from Vladimir Nazor Elementary School in Škabrnja

As part of the exchange between the Croatian School of Boston and Vladimir Nazor Elementary School in Škabrnja, our friends sent us greetings on beautiful handmade postcards with vedute from their village.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Expressing gratitude with our HAND-made Thankful Tree


Accompanied by Miran Tikvicki on the tambura, children, teachers, and family members play "Ide maca oko tebe", a Croatian singing game

Collaboration with Vladimir Nazor Elementary School in Škabrnja

Twenty-one Halloween cards are on their way to Croatia! Sharing one of their favorite holiday traditions, our students are saying hello to their peers from Vladimir Nazor Elementary School in Škabrnja near Zadar. This marks the beginning of the collaboration between the Croatian School of Boston and English teacher Snježana Matić and her students from Škabrnja. Thank you to Lada Kanajet Šimić from the Croatian Heritage Foundation for connecting us!

Through letters, postcards, holiday-themed handmade items, video clips and Skype sessions, students from our two schools will gain an insight on what it’s like to go to school and be a kid on the “other continent”.

Happy Halloween!

We played the old Croatian game of "Smrt bijela kost" ("Death White Bone") together with the Pin-the-Smile-on-the-Skeleton game.

First Day of Classes

We started our new school year with a song and dance, accompanied by live tamburitza sounds by Miran Tikvicki.

The beautifully decorated folders for music sheets are courtesy of Larisa Oros Miller.

It was great to see so many of you!

Miran Tikvicki to Lead Children's Folk Songs and Dances

We are very happy to announce a valuable addition to the Croatian School of Boston – children’s folk songs and dances, led by Miran Tikvicki, and assisted by Larisa Oros Miller and teachers from the Croatian School of Boston.


Miran was born in 1995 in Subotica. He’s been playing the tambura since he was seven, both in music school and folk ensemble. He graduated from the Secondary School of Music in Subotica and is now a sophomore, as the first and only tambura player, at the Berklee College of Music (majoring is Music Therapy and Psychology.)


The singing and dancing portion, which is an integral part of the class, will start at 3pm and will be about twenty minutes long. Through fun games and music, we hope to motivate children to participate and to introduce them to this important aspect of Croatian culture. We have prepared a selection of traditional Croatian children’s songs, dances, and singing games. A big thank you to Larisa who will provide decorated folders for keeping materials.

Croatian School Open House and Annual Fall NEFC Picnic

A great kick-off to a new season in the Boston Croatian Community! Perfect weather, excellent food, and even better company!

New Class!

Winners of the Children's Art and Literary Contest - Congratulations to all and thank you for your participation!

Children’s Art and Literary Contest

With the theme

My Family on Two Continents

Organized By the Boston Croatian Community


Submissions were evaluated by a panel of judges:

Irena Stanić Rašin – director of Croatian School of Boston, head of contest,

author and translator,

Jelena Erceg – teacher at Croatian School of Boston, graduate teacher of Croatian language

Jadranka Delač-Klepac – math teacher, award-winning children’s writer                                                           

Lana Ducharme – teacher at Croatian School of Boston, graphic and web designer,

Tomislav Torjanac – award-winning illustrator and painter,

Dr. Aida Vidan president of Association for Croatian Studies and lecturer at Harvard University,

Ariana Zelić – NEFC treasurer,


Ana Petrovic, 1st place in photograpy category 15-18 years

Karlo Maljevac, 1st place in literary category 11-14 years

Stella Begic, 1st place in art category 7-10years

Zane Buchanan, 2nd place in art category 7-10 years

Luka Minica, 1st place in literary category 7-10 years

Kaitlyn Ocwieja, 2nd place in literary category 7-10 years

Mariella Petrovic, 1st place in art category 3-6 years

Mimmo Bignami, 2nd place in art category 3-6 years

Kira Buchanan, 3rd place in art category 3-6 years

Sara Grabovac, 3rd place in art category 3-6 years

Jan Šipek, 1st place in special category for entries from Croatia

Leda Varžić, 2nd place in special category for entries from Croatia

Croatian School of Boston Donates Books to Non-Profits in Croatia

The Croatian School of Boston has "inherited" almost 2000 copies of the book A da se to dogodi tebi: Priručnik za odrastanje, coauthored by Irena Stanic Rasin and Latinka Basara. The School has donated a total of 1440 books to the following non-profit organizations in Croatia:
- Union of Societies "Our Children" - umbrella organization of "Our Children" associations (Savez društava "Naša djeca") - 800 books - a link to their donation acknowledgement post
- Service for Health Care of School Children and Adolescents at the "Andrija Štampar" Teaching Institute of Public Health (Služba za školsku i adolescentnu medicinu pri Nastavnom zavodu za javno zdravstvo "Andrija Štampar") - 400 books
- Child Protection Center of Zagreb (Poliklinika za zaštitu djece grada Zagreba) - 80 books
- Department of Education at the University of Zagreb (Odsjek za pedagogiju Sveučilišta u Zagrebu) - 80 books

- Croatian Heritage Foundation (Hrvatska matica iseljenika) - 80 books


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