Croatian School of Boston is a non-profit educational organization founded in 2009. It grew out of the former Croatian Language and Culture Program (2007-2009) which operated under New England Friends of Croatia.


The main purpose of the Program is to teach and perpetuate the standard Croatian Language. Also, we hope to motivate students to learn about Croatian culture while having fun.


One of the basic principles of the Program is the intercultural approach, which means that our curriculum reflects and respects multicultural structure of both Croatian and American societies (religious, ethnic, youngster, subcultures, etc.). That is one of the basic suppositions of better understanding and respect of others, but also of our own sense of intercultural identity in a contemporary social context.


Tuition for the year 2016/2017:

Yearly tuition is $200 ($100 per semester.)



For all registrations please email: info@croatianschoolofboston.org


Financial Assistance

Families who would like to attend our program, but experience financial difficulties for any reason, are welcome to contact for assistance.




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