The school year consists of 10 sessions from October to May, which are divided into two semesters. Children's classes meet from 3-5:30 pm. Free refreshments provided for all.


For a list of dates, see our Calendar.




  • 0– 2 ½  years: Free playgroup under parent supervision. The group will meet during regular classes and will have access to the school's space, and toys and other materials. The playgroup is facilitated by Ana Zecic. 


  • 2 ½  - 6 years: The children will learn basic concepts in Croatian through pictures, games, songs and simple crafts. No previous knowledge of the language required. The class is taught by Tamara Hrga


  • 7 - 12 yearsOlder children with some proficiency in Croatian will further explore the language and culture of Croatia through more advanced texts. The class is taught by Andrea Bruno.


  • Teen Group aka High Schoolers: This course will focus on the rules of Croatian grammar. For new students, it will be an introduction to Croatian grammar and for returning students, it will be a review. We will take a closer look at what grammar is and why we need to know it. How do we use it? How close is English grammar to Croatian grammar? What, if anything, do they have in common? Introducing a language through this approach will enalbe the students to look at languages as something more than learning vocabulary and memorizing sentences in order to exchange information. The class is taught by Biserka Ralic.


  • An introduction to Croatian Language for Adults: The complex grammar of the Croatian language will be introduced in an easy-to-comprehend way. We will focus on similarities as well as differences of English and Croatian languages. Using the provided tools and understanding the structure of Croatian grammar rules, students will be able to build and construct sentences. Previous knowledge of Croatian is not required. Knowledge of grammatical categories and rules of any language will make it easier to understand why the grammar seems so difficult.The class is taught by Biserka Ralic.

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