Andrea Bruno, Svjetlana Ducharme, Jelena Erceg, Irena Matulic, Biserka Ralic, Irena Stanic Rasin

Miran Tikvicki


School Director: Irena Stanic Rasin

Administrative Director: Irena Matulic

Assistant Director of Adult Education: Biserka Ralic

Assistant Director of Children’s Education: Svjetlana Ducharme

Teachers: Andrea Bruno, Svjetlana Ducharme, Jelena Erceg, Biserka Ralic, Irena Stanic Rasin



Andrea Bruno – Teacher
Andrea was born and raised in Split. She obtained her M.A. in Croatian Culture and Philosophy at Zagreb University. Prior to her move to Boston in 2013, she taught at the American International School of Zagreb. Currently, she is completing a Massachusetts Teaching License for English Language Learners.


Svjetlana (Lana) Ducharme  – Assistant Director of Children’s Education; Teacher
Lana was born and raised in the city of Metkovic in the Dalmatian region of Croatia. She spent winters dancing in a local folk group, and summers enjoying “sunce, more i miris Mediterana” (“the sun, the sea and the smell of the Mediterranean”). Both in high school and college youth organizations, she held the position of president. She completed college first in Croatia then in USA, and obtained awards from both institutions. Lana has given Croatian folk dancing lessons, as well as seminars about coping strategies during cultural adjustment to life and work in USA. Lana has been working as a Graphic/Web Designer since 1996.


Jelena Erceg – Teacher
Jelena was born and raised in Makarska, Croatia, where she attended elementary and high school. She earned her professional title of Graduate teacher with augmented program of the Croatian language at the Faculty of Philosophy in Split in 2008. Before moving to Boston in March 2013, Jelena worked as elementary school teacher in her hometown Makarska.


Irena Matulić – Co-founder; Administrative Director; Substitute Teacher
Irena is an architect by profession (she holds a Master of Architecture Degree from Boston Architecture College). Her teaching experience includes teaching at Boston Architectural College. Irena was born in Split, Croatia and both her parents are from the island of Brač. She studied architecture at the University of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Irena lived in Sukošan near Zadar, Croatia and in Salzburg, Austria. She has been living in Boston since 1994 with her husband and two children, both involved at the CSB.


Biserka Ralić – Assistant Director of Adult Education; Teacher
Biserka holds a B.A. in Linguistics from Boston College. She speaks several languages and has over thirty years of experience in interpreting. At the CSB, which she helped pilot in 2007, she teaches the Croatian language for adults.


Irena Stanić Rašin – Co-founder; School Director; Teacher
Irena was born and raised in Croatia, where she obtained her M.A. in English and Italian. She has been living in the U.S. for 25 years. She is a member of the Croatian folk band “Pajdashi”. In 2007 she received George P. Faulkner Annual Citizens Award for Outstanding Service to Youth by Arlington Boys and Girls Club. Irena also writes children’s poetry and prose. Her first book A da se to dogodi tebi: Priručnik za odrastanje, co-authored with psychologist Latinka Basara, was published in Croatia in 2014. Based on the expert opinion issued by the Croatian Education and Teacher Training Agency, the book has received a recommendation from the Croatian Ministry of Science, Education and Sports “for use by students, parents and teachers as a handbook for growing up, in addressing themes dealing with issues of children and youth in their formative years”. The book was included on the Croatian Library Association “Good Book List” for 2014. Irena is the mother of one former and two current CSB students.


Miran Tikvicki – Folk Instructor

Miran was born in 1995 in Subotica. He’s been playing the tambura since he was seven, both in music school and folk ensemble. He graduated from the Secondary School of Music in Subotica and is now a sophomore, as the first and only tambura player, at the Berklee College of Music (majoring is Music Therapy and Psychology.)


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