"Tužni bogataš" ("The Sad Rich Man") Croatian TV mini series directed by Davor Žmegač available to students in "Croatian for Travelers" class

Courtesy of director Davor Žmegač, the students in the “Croatian for Travelers” class are treated to a special encounter with the spoken and written Croatian in an interesting contemporary context.


Mr. Žmegač’s murder mystery TV mini series Tužni bogataš (The Sad Rich Man), made for Croatian Radiotelevision, is based on the same-name novel by Pavao Pavličić. This suspenseful story about a passion-fueled crime is set against the ties of organized crime and politics, transitional wheelings and dealings, and tabloid journalism.


The four episodes follow editor-turned-detective Remetin on his quest to solve the crime in the Zagreb neighborhood of Trešnjevka.


An invaluable tool for foreign viewers comes in the form of the original script, co-written by director Žmegač, which is made available to the students in the “Croatian for Travelers” class. 


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